Jijo Bose

Software Engineer: Ruby on Rails, React Native & Flutter


Best Bitcoin wallet setup

Published Jul 24, 2020

I have used many Bitcoin wallets and tested against many possible scenarios and finally settled down to using BlueWallet.


  • Support for Android and iOS
  • Lightning wallet support
  • Bech32 (segwit supported)
  • Custom fee
  • All private keys are stored in the device
  • Beginner-friendly UI

Why I choose this wallet?

I prefer using bitcoin wallets that can be used in all devices, like Phone and PC. In case you lose access to your phone, you can still import the seed (mnemonic phrase) into the Electrum Desktop wallet available in Linux, Mac or Windows to send & receive payments.

Note: Electrum also has an Android app, but I found it really slow and needs a lot of improvement in the UI and performance.